Pay Per Usage

Per Usage Elliott-Wave Analysis:



You can request an Elliott-Wave Analysis for any ONE Instrument. This is a single Elliott-Wave Chart Analysis for any ONE Forex, Index (i.e. @ES, S&P500), Stock (i.e AAPL, Apple Inc.), or Commodity (i.e. XAU/USD, Gold) symbol. Elliott-Wave Counts are Analyzed for 15 min, 1 Hour, 4 Hour, Daily & Weekly Charts. We will Analyze and Process your request within 24 hours (maybe as little as 1-2 hours). 


You will be charged $29 one time fee per symbol.  Once you have paid through PayPal and are returned to our Registration Page, please don't forget to tell us the Symbol(s) and the Name of the Instrument(s) you want us to Analyze. Enter your Symbol(s) and the Name of the Instrument(s) in the "Pay Per Usage Symbol(s)" field. 


To get started, please follow this Link: